We are bringing the dance to you!

At Ecstatic Dance Toronto, we want to spread the love of dance, the spirit of great music and the need for conscious, intentional, non-judgemental community gatherings. The space we create is uplifting and inspiring and suitable for everyone no matter where you come from or how much dance experience you have!

Thousands have danced with us over the last 14 years and now, we want to make our dance gatherings accessible to everyone.

These dance gatherings are held via interactive two-way video livestream using the free virtual platform Zoom, so you are joining us from the safety and privacy of your home.

Here is what people are saying

An awesome place to find your spirit and stay healthy.


I can be myself there. Love the community! Love the music! Love the dance!


Favourite type of dance because you get to express yourself freely, uniquely & creatively as possible here in a wonderful environment.


It’s a powerful spiritual practice of understanding what you’re carrying/ storing in your body; figuring out what you are breaking through, what you’re yearning for; daring to be and be with yourself fully with love. That was the intention I set and with kindness I just let my body do whatever it needed to. By the end of it I felt in total union with my true self and gentle strength. In good company.


Wow!, went for the first time tonight and got lost in a beautiful journey of dance and meditation!. Definitely going back next week!. Thank you Ecstatic Dance Toronto!.


I love this friendly, inclusive community. Always a joy and inspiration to dance with this tribe! ?

Anna Maria

Toronto’s Ecstatic Dance is a magical place to let loose and and dance deeply from the inside. I always look forward to attending when I visit Canada. Thanks for making each session a sheer delight.


I have been going to Ecstatic Dance Toronto for a few years. Ecstatic Dance Toronto attracts people who are open, loving and accepting of each other. The space is alcohol, drug and cell phone free which encourages people to be fully present to better connect with each other. Dancing in silence helps me get out of my head and into my body. It is a space of non-judgement where I can explore how my body wants to move in creative ways following my intuition. After the dance is over I like to stay and socialize with people there, everyone is really friendly and approachable that I have met there. I have made 100s of friends there. I highly recommend it.


Always regenerating and rejuvenating.


Dancing is a miracle for the body and soul.


I love the atmosphere here. Great music and fun!


How it works

Reserve Your Spot

We dance a few days a week to unique and diverse dance journeys that are created by our amazing DJs who will surely inspire you to sweat and move your body freely! and express whatever is alive inside you!

Get Ready

Connect your device to the internet using the best speakers you have. Set up your dance space, fill up your water bottle and put on some comfortable clothes.

Find Yourself Dancing!

Join our virtual dance gatherings with just one click from your email and get connected to the exciting world of ecstatic dance!


Please consider a $5 – $20 contribution to support the broadcasting costs, DJ’s & the hard working team who continues to bring Ecstatic Dance to you!

No one will be turned away for inability to pay. We’d rather you come no matter what.

It takes a village to keep a movement like ours going and your support has never been more important. Thank you!


  1. Join one of our online dances by selecting and clicking one of the dance dates below.
  2. You’ll be given a choice for your desired payment method and amount to complete your signup.
  3. Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email containing:
    • The Zoom link to the dance.
    • Video & documented zoom & audio/video operating instructions.
    • The itinerary and details for the flow of the dance.
    • Guidance and inspirations to create your dance space & to deepen your dance experience
    • Background Information on ecstatic dance

Come Dance with Us

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What Is
Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is freestyle dance – move however you wish – honour your body – dance with bare feet – no experience necessary – for all ages, genders, cultures & sizes – respect yourself and one another – dance in comfortable clothes to move in – have water to drink – alcohol-free and recreational drug-free – safe and sacred space – let the music take you on a journey

Great Article On
Ecstatic Dance

Our Intention

We come as we are to sweat, dance and connect with ourselves and each other. You can dance as you wish, big or small, lying on the floor or jumping in the air. We create a safe space that is inspiring and uplifting. It is also nonverbal, barefoot, alcohol/drug-free to keep the experience intentional. This is a place where you can feel free to move and express whatever is alive in you and whatever comes up when you shake up your cells.

“Ecstatic Dance is the way we use to gather as a community and dance to rhythms and beats for the purpose of celebration, healing, transformation, prayer and everything and anything under the sun.”
? Julia Ray ?

First Time?

If you’ve never attended Ecstatic Dance Toronto or any other ecstatic dances, now’s your BIG MOMENT. In the privacy of your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom, porch, car, literally anywhere there’s wifi, join us.

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces!


Do I need to register for online dances in advance?

You can register for a dance anytime before or even after it has started. Just click on the dance event you want to attend and follow the signup process.

I have never danced Ecstatic / Freestyle dance before. Does this matter?

Absolutely not! No experience necessary for you to find yourself dancing freely like no one is watching or like everyone is watching. All you have to do is dance your dance, that’s it.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes that make you feel free, that you can sweat in and clothes that will move with you.

Do I wear shoes for this dance practice?

This is a practice that allows us to reconnect to every part of our body, including our feet! We dance with bare feet.

What is the age range of people who attend?

This is literally a dance for all ages and the bulk of our dancers range from their 20’s to well in their 50’s and beyond. Children are also welcome when accompanied by parents. Ecstatic dance is sweeping across the globe and many are jumping in to discover the essential goodness of moving freely with others to all kinds of fun and amazing musical journeys. All ages will feel very welcome!

How do I attend and pay for an online dance event?

Just choose the event you would like to attend on this page and follow the directions to purchase your ticket. We have several online payment options available.

Is it ok if I arrive late to an online dance?

Yes of course you can join the dance at any time after the start but best to join us from the start so you get the most out of your dance.

I understand this is a drug & alcohol free dance practice. Why is that?

We tend to live such busy and distracted lives. We don’t give ourselves enough opportunity to fully drop into our own body. It is an amazing experience to do so, requiring no additives or fillers. This is the beauty, power, freedom and joy of our dance.

How will I know how to login and operate the online platform for the dance events?

Once you register, we will provide you with all of the instructions to login to the dance.  As well we will give you inspiration for setting up your dance space and creating a peak audio experience.

What do I do if I have problems with purchasing my ticket or logging into the dance?

You can best reach us by email hub@ecstaticdancetoronto.com or by
Facebook Messenger