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Yasia presents a timely Movement Medicine journey designed for our times.Developing your Presence through the power of embracing your Voice.

About this Event


Presented by YASIA, European Faculty Member, School of Movement Medicine, live from Ireland.

MAY 30 ~ JULY 4









YASIA LEISERACH European Faculty Member of the School of Movement Medicine presents this first in the USA workshop blending voice and movement. No prerequisites or previous experience in Movement Medicine is required. Whatever your condition, age, gender, or circumstances you are very welcome to register.

Why work with your voice?

Your voice is a direct connection to who you are.

We all know when our voice feels resonant and true. We also know the times where it seems to disappear, the tone changes, the strength isn’t there, or we have trouble speaking up. This practise is to nourish, open and support your true voice, both from the physiological, emotional and energetic aspects of voice.

Your Voice is one of your Super powers!

The world around us, inside and our very muscle and bone is frequency. Your voice is your super power, for healing, for expression, for communication, for tuning yourself up, literally raising your own frequency to that of one of resilience and wellbeing.

Why is your Voice now more important than ever?

Your voice is an immediate route to more personal freedom, expression and power. In these challenging times we are in, the more connected we are to our deepest selves, the more we are able to stand up, speak up, rise up and face these challenges of these times. The intention of this closed group is to meet more of your own potency through the power of your voice. Experience an increased sense of energy, joy, uplift and ease of expression, and cultivate the healing capacities connected to your Voice. This practice is to nourish, open and support your true voice, both from the physiological, emotional and energetic aspects of voice.

What will we do during this course?

This 6-week course is an introduction to Voicework, meeting and reclaiming your own natural voice. We will be exploring Voicework, Somatic practices and Movement Medicine. You do not need any Movement or Voicework experience to participate.

Learn ways to warm up and open your voice, to sing and sound freely, leaning in to the practice of Movement Medicine, leaning into the support of the Elements, exploring the power of sound with the embodied voice. Explore your voice using the potency of rhythm and movement, that inherent knowing that even if we feel like we have forgotten how, we can all sing, sound and dance.

Yasia will introduce you to some of her fundamental Voicework practices, and Movement Medicine practices, both to deepen the connection to your voice, and also to support the accepting of and reclaiming of your voice through the framwork of somatic voice and the fundamentals of Movement medicine – awaking the dancer, bringing flexibility to the body and opening the voice. Whilst Yasia’s work is potent she approaches the Voice of each person with the deepest respect and care. Gentleness is the most powerful way to work with such a potent, tender wild creature that is the authentic voice.

Inter session practices

In-between each online session there will be a mini lesson plan to explore and inquire into your relationship to your voice and how you express yourself in the world. Plus some simple practices to implement during your week, before we meet the following week. There will be space to check in together and share how you found these practices and what you observed.

Week 1

Welcoming and Resourcing your voice and deepening the connection to the moving body. Introduction to the foundational practises of Voicework and Movement Medicine (non-stylized moment practise – no movement or sound work experience needed!).

Week 2

Introducing compassionate listening and developing practices to support the opening of your natural voice.

Week 3

Exploring where does the authentic Voice come from? Breath and Voice. Learning to let go and allow the voice to emerge from a deeply embodied place.

Week 4

Exploring the combination of awareness of physical and mental habitual patterning that affects our Voice and fuller expression in the world. Exploring places where we find our voice is less free, and how to support ourselves in those places.

Week 5

The Heart and the Voice. Practices to experience the effect the Heart has on our vocal expression, power and presence.

Week 6

Integrating the learning, a celebration of the Natural Voice, a ritual to bless your voice as it is as you carry this new learning into your daily life.

About Yasia

Yasia has trained in and developed Voicework with a Somatic approach over the last 15 years, she is also a training Teacher and Facilitator of Movement Medicine and is part of the School of Movement Medicine Faculty. Yasia teaches in Europe, Uk, and Asia. She also leads Call and Response chant circles and events, a founding member of Bhakti Festival Dublin and offers yearly ‘Learn to Lead Chant’ trainings.


Yasia is offering this course at a sliding scale of $111-$222 USD TOTAL for all 6 weeks. If you feel called to this offering, but cannot afford the lower end of the sliding scale, please contact us with your circumstances confidentially. We will be holding space for four scholarships for those in need. (Please contact carrie@danceyourprayers.dance to let us know your confidential circumstances and what you can afford at this time).



  • We will need you to commit to attend all 6 sessions to the best of your ability so that we can depend on a safe and stable container — and others in your small group can depend on your presence. We are all important in this practice– each of us is an important element of this constellation.
  • Liberate Your Voice is accredited and applicable to School of Movement Medicine hours (12) if you decide to pursue Apprenticeship in Movement Medicine.
  • Registration is open May 4 -May 29, 2020 for 24 dancers.First come first served. Please register early if you are called to join us.
  • You will need a space you feel ok sounding and moving in.
  • Please ensure you have water to drink for the session.
  • Please do not drink or take any mood changers before the session.
  • Please do not record/ reproduce this material, it is for your use only.
  • Please note whilst voicework and movement is therapeutic it is not therapy, please avail of further one to one support if you need this. Yasia teaches in a a titrated way but also requests you to resource yourself further if needed.

We invite you to please consider this to create an optimum experience:

  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom, download the app, and take care of the technical aspects before the course, so we can begin on the first day without spending time on tech troubleshooting.
  • Create a safe space for dancing– whether on a floor or carpet– make sure the space is clear and free of hazards.
  • Create a sacred space with objects that represent the elements, perhaps images or symbols of your loved ones past present and future. Candles, sage, lights, whatever feels sacred for you.
  • Create some private space so that people who are sharing cannot be heard by unfamiliar people so we can be authentic and express themselves safely.
  • Source a good set of bluetooth headphones or a speaker — the better the sound quality the more you will be able to enjoy Yasia’s wonderful music mixes and guidance.


We will need you to agree to the following to participate in Liberate Your Voice. Participation in this online practice is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being. Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself. All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Yasia Leisarach, Carrie Branovan, and all people connected to Movement Medicine Online Circle and to the School of Movement Medicine can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in these online courses.

  • I understand that Movement Medicine is an activity that involves physical movement.
  • I have an area to dance in which I have checked is safe.
  • I have checked the floor and there is nothing I could trip over.
  • I am fit and well and able to dance.
  • If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I can and will monitor my own level of movement and activity so that I remain within what is appropriate for my body.
  • I understand that Movement Medicine may bring emotions to the surface.
  • I am willing and able to take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing during the online class and after it.
  • I will listen to my body and my being and respect my own limits during the online activity and afterward.
  • I take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during the course and afterward.
  • Organizers agree to only use your name and email address for School of Movement Medicine events and updates.


With love from,

Yasia and the Movement Medicine Online Circle Team!