Julia Ray

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Ecstatic Dance Toronto is a living breathing and growing inspiration that was sparked into existence by Julia Ray in 2006.   As a freestyle dancer, dream worker, as well as DJ, Julia’s lifework is to inspire us back into our bodies as a way of exploring and expanding our human potential. Each soul inspiring journey is an opportunity to dance and be danced.

“Ecstatic Dance is the way we use to gather as a community and dance to rhythms and music for the purpose of celebration, healing, transformation, prayer … everything and anything under the sun.
The vision of Ecstatic Dance Toronto is to build a consistent, strong structure (container) that can hold all our stories. Perhaps it’s a doorway we step through to enter a space that is much broader in perspective than our usual day-to-day consciousness. When we dance for ourselves, we dance for things that really matter, our hopes, our dreams and our visions. At the same time we feel in our bodies a familiarity of generations, and the thread that connects us to cultures and tribes who have engaged in this ritual since the beginning of time. Yet we are fully aware that we are molding for future generations who depend upon us now as we shape our present lives together  – Julia Ray

“Dancers are the athletes of God.” Albert Einstein