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Putting together each distinctly beautiful dance journey event is an effort that relies on the inspiration and dedication of a team of co-creators.

The musical journey creation process starts with an intention that arises from whatever may be relevant and inspiring for the DJ creator at that time. It is a birth with many important subtleties that bring musical orchestration to the status of a dance journey. It is always a big gestalt relying on a great deal of training and commitment from our wonderful team of DJ’s.

The dance experience begins and ends with more than just music. Our space is curated by the Host to create the mood for each dance and express the DJ’s theme for the dance evening. Integral and paramount is how our community is received with safe space held for all that arises. Our hosts bring all of their heart and soul into this crucial role.

Dancers arrive on our door step ½ hour or more before the beginning of each dance…to bask in the anticipation of the evening. The mendacity of the world begins to shed in our hallway for dancers as they are reached out for, welcomed, and held. Our greeters bring the excitement and glorious possibilities of the dance to all who arrive outside our door, then joining the host in holding the community in motion.