Why We Dance

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A Dance Practice Enlivens Us
In a movement practice we have the opportunity to discover and reconnect to what is here now…to what is real. Our body holds this truth and can connect to and express it genuinely in its free dance, unpacking our true gifts and potential as we do.
When we move in accordance with what is truly within us, we create the opportunity of liberation from limiting beliefs and stories that may be getting in the way of our truth.

What is real changes and just appears as it naturally is throughout the dance and from one dance to the next, with infinite possibilities to create and re-create ourselves. The choices we make lead us into realities that beautifully unfold our story differently each time.
In one instance, our body may take us through our dance on a journey deep into what may be painful or sorrowful…as a revelation to our consciousness and opportunity for expression, exfoliation, healing and transformation.
In yet another moment we may be led into the body’s expression of the simple joy that is within us and wants to be celebrated. All that arises within us in our dance is good and exactly appropriate for this very moment. In giving ourselves room to dance our truth without judgement, we give our body the ability to produce its own medicine.